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Software Products for Sale

ITI Canada is one of the leading providers in software products and application engineering. Whether you need a small-scale system to manage your business needs, or an enterprise wide multi level web based interface for all aspects within it – we can help!

Our Story

Our Software Products Journey

ITI Canada has extensive experience creating, maintaining and hosting enterprise quality applications. We are a team of passionate engineers that work closely with our customers to deliver world-class software solutions. Our focus is on providing high quality, scalable and reliable software that meets the needs of our customers.

ITI Canada has a proven track record in delivering enterprise quality applications. From building time tracking and inventory management applications to rental management programs and membership management platforms, ITI Canada has the experience and expertise to develop the right solution for your business. Our team of passionate engineers work closely with our customers to understand their needs and deliver world-class software solutions.

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Lobbyist Registry Application

Website application with a website front end.

The Lobbyists Registry Application is a web-based system designed to allow consultant lobbyists and organizations to register their lobbying activities within a jurisdiction. Information about these lobbying activities is often made available to the public through LRA as part of the a government’s commitment to being open, accountable and transparent.


Online timecard tracking system for employees, project managers and supervisors.

TimeMachine is a trend-setting time and project management application that’s been welcomed with enthusiasm by organizations of all sizes and business areas. Employees, project managers, and supervisors may use TimeMachine to record timecard data from anywhere in the globe using the Internet or host the application on a company network.

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Property Management System

Property management system for managing buildings, tenants, rentals and payments.

Our ITI Property Management System is a web based multi-user application for Property Managers. This application is used for managing buildings, tenants, rentals and payments. The ITI Property Management System is a user-friendly, web based application that offers a wide range of features for managing your properties.

Quartermaster Inventory Tracking System

Inventory management system for law enforcement.
The ITI QuarterMaster Inventory Tracking System is a web based multi-user application for Law Enforcement and Government agencies. With the ITI QuarterMaster system, users can track and manage all of their inventory items and control spending by monitoring usage trends on a per item basis.
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