The LRA application is the easiest way for lobbyists to register and report on activities in a jurisdiction.


LRA Application

The Lobbyists Registry Application is a web-based system designed to allow consultant lobbyists and organizations to register their lobbying activities within a jurisdiction. Information about these lobbying activities is often made available to the public through LRA as part of the a government’s commitment to being open, accountable and transparent.

Our Story

Lobbyists Reporting Services

Lobbyists are able to easily register their activities in a jurisdiction through the use of an online form. This process is simple and straightforward, and provides clear instructions on what information is required and how it should be provided. The review, acceptance and rejection of lobbying registrations is facilitated by the software. The application will generate comprehensive reports of lobbyist activities in a jurisdiction.

Why Do I Need the LRA?

In the interest of transparency and accountability, many jurisdictions are legislating requirements for the monitoring and management of lobbying activities.  The administrative strain placed on the organizations who attempt to meet legislation with simple spreadsheets is easily mitigated by the LRA.

LRA Benefits

Say Goodbye to the Hassle of Lobbying


Align with Current and/or Future Legislation

Efficient Process

Speed Up the Registration Process Through Self Registration and Workflows

Reduce Errors

Strengthen process monitoring and eliminate error-prone tasks.

Produce Comprehensive Reports

Provide Necessary Public Access

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