We provide professional project management services.


Project Management

ITI Canada utilizes formal project management, analysis, and development life cycle methodologies on our projects. We are experienced at working within industry standards for project management and development, and with adhering to information privacy and security guidelines. We bring expertise in current BC Government standards for systems, documentation, application architecture, and technology.

Our Story

Experience Leads to Success

Since 1985, ITI Canada has provided project management services to the IT industry. Modern project management approaches including agile, scrum, and business analysis and facilitation services. ITI Canada is qualified to lead and facilitate development teams to increase productivity, velocity and completion rates over time, and deliver quality products of value by resolving problems and removing impediments.

Talented Professionals

ITI Canada maintains relationships with an extensive pool of talented professionals. Our team has a proven track record for locating additional external candidates through: strategic planning and execution, the utilization of local and national press, including professional publications, networking and referrals. Our team also hunts for talent who are not actively searching for a change, therefore giving our clients many options.

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