About ITI Canada

We are proud to be Canadian controlled, private, it consulting company.


What We Do

IM/IT resourcing, project management and business analysis services, enterprise application development, application hosting, website design, and client support services.

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Who Are We

We are a client focused company dedicated to meeting our clients’ needs by providing effective, economical, and cutting-edge business solutions.


Our Mission

Our Mission is to help our clients utilize technology to streamline their business, improve efficiency, and achieve their business goals reliably, rapidly, and affordably.

ITI Canada's Major Milestones

Our IT Consulting Achievements

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Why Work at our IT Consulting Company?

ITI is an it consulting company with a broad client base in British Columbia.  We offer our consultants the chance to work with a wide range of different groups and organizations. ITI provides contractual IM and contractual IT services to a large amount of the Provincial Ministries in BC, and numerous crown corporations. We have a growing list of private sector clients, and are expanding our public sector client base in Alberta and Manitoba. ITI is well-positioned to find the right contract for you.

Our salaries and contractor rates are very market-competitive for our region. We pride ourselves on helping our consultants learn and grow throughout their careers, and we offer mentoring, learning and training programs, formal goal setting, comprehensive orientation, a full range of administrative and support resources, and performance reviews to keep your career moving in the right direction.

Our billing and invoicing application, TimeMachine, makes it easy for our it consulting company  and consultants to keep track of projects, expenses, and hours. TimeMachine can be accessed online from any web browser, and enables our consultants to concentrate on their work rather than their time reporting. TimeMachine also gives our clients assurance that an extra level of diligence is at work during billing and invoicing.

We are fortunate to have a great team spirit at ITI, and our many in-house and special corporate events give our people a chance to connect and participate in the ITI corporate community. Our consultants are more than just skill sets – each is a full member of the ITI family.

Head Office Team

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John Sherrah

President & CEO

John is ITI’s majority shareholder and has been working in the IT industry since the inception of workplace information technology in the early 1970’s. In addition to his role as ITI President managing the day-to-day business of the company John is also a seasoned Project Manager.

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Lisa Sherrah

Director of Client Services

Lisa joined ITI as a Director of Client Services and formed the recent Web Services Team. She also provides Client Services to support customers and their applications. Lisa brings formal change management processes, new contracts and improvements to customer service.

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Hima Bitla

WordPress Designer & Social Media Marketer

Hima has joined ITI as a WordPress designer and social media marketer for the Web Services team, starting in 2020. She assists in WordPress website design and development for clients and provides social media content planning, designing and coordination. She has a dual master’s degree in business specializing in E-commerce, entrepreneurship and digital marketing and is working towards enhancing the digital presence of ITI. Hima has worked as a freelancer for small businesses in BC to design their business websites and has been a marketing consultant for start-ups. She has certifications in Digital Marketing, Google analytics and AdWords.

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Crystal Sherrah

Front-End WordPress Developer

Crystal Sherrah joined ITI in 2016 and the newly formed Web Services Team in 2020. She thrives on creating responsive websites and positive customer experiences. Crystal is fueled by her passion for design, client satisfaction and willingness to learn information and new technologies to enhance the end product. She continues to learn additional methods of graphic and website design to keep her work up to industry standards. Crystal attributes this success to her dedication to website design and willingness to learn new tools to ensure the best outcome projects. She believes communication with the client is the key to a successful website.

Xue Ding

Full Stack Lead Developer

Xue Ding is a versatile and accomplished full-stack developer, holding the role of lead developer on the ITI team since early 2022. With a robust background in general programming and over 9 years of experience. Xue is not only a website developer but a skilled full-stack professional. Proficient in languages like PHP and website technologies including WordPress, Xue has successfully managed diverse projects. These projects include Recycle My Battery, Recycle My Vehicle, and Broad Street Cycles. Her commitment to staying abreast of the latest technologies ensures that she delivers comprehensive solutions, seamlessly managing both front-end and back-end development tasks.

Faisal Arif

Full Stack WordPress Developer

Faisal Arif is a results-driven WordPress expert with a passion for crafting corporate web presences, completing prodjects from design to development.Faisal excels in team collaboration. His expertise lies in superior layouts, design implementation, and ensuring website responsiveness. Faisal manages website content effectively, integrating excellent knowledge of SEO best practices.Proficient in WordPress Themes/Plugins development, JavaScript, HTML5/CSS3, Shopify, and more, Faisal is a skilled web developer. His toolkit includes Photoshop, Figma, Sketch, and proficiency in Git, Azure DevOps, and Google Analytics.

Laurence Lau

Full Stack Joomla! Lead Developer

Laurence Lau is a dynamic web and full-stack developer with a wealth of experience in C# .NET, MS SQL Server, PHP, MySQL and Joomla CMS. Laurence excels in web application development, migrations, and customization.With a strong background in Joomla! development, Laurence has contributed significantly to Boardcheckup, demonstrating expertise in data modeling, database design, and automated survey workflows.Laurence is adept at troubleshooting, debugging, and collaborates professionally with project managers and end-users, delivering tailored solutions for various public sector and government clients.

Kimia Arezi

UX Designer

Kimia Arezi is a multinational UX design lead. Kimia specializes in design, marketing, and tech, champions human-centered design, and design thinking methodologies. With a passion for phycology including a Graphic Design Diploma and certifications in UX Design and Digital Marketing, Kimia excels in research methodologies like surveys and user interviews. Proficient in Figma, Sketch, and JavaScript, Kimia played a key role in design thinking and UX prototyping for Lazada, a major Malaysian fast shopping delivery company. Guiding projects from conception to implementation, Kimia ensures impactful product experiences.

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