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The Squires Foundation provides scholarships each year to students.

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Our History

David L. Squires, a beloved and respected staff member of Memorial University of Newfoundland, was renowned for his commitment to students’ success. He was an esteemed part of the Data Processing Management Association (DPMA). To honor him and carry on his legacy, DPMA peers established The Squires Foundation which strives to provide educational support for students.


The Squires Foundation was incorporated in 1994 to:


Promote Excellence

Promote excellence in the study of informatics by individuals.


Sponsor Research

Conduct or sponsor research in informatics education.


Support Education

Sponsor informatics educational offerings to the public.

Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

The Squires Foundation provides scholarships each year to students who meet the following criteria.

Demonstrate significant financial need

Canadian Citizens OR Landed Immigrants

Full time IT program at a University or College

Successfully completed 2 full semesters in this program

Reached a high level of scholastic achievement

A student must meet all requirements to qualify.

Apply Online Today

Scholarship application period is open from September 1st to October 31st 2023!

Read the privacy policy below or click apply now to browse to the new David Squires website to submit your application!

David Squires Foundation Scholarship Privacy Policy

Please be assured that financial and other confidential information will remain secure and used only for purposes of evaluating the scholarship applications. The student number is required to cross-check against student records at the educational institution. The social insurance number is required so that we may issue a T4A Tax Form in the event that you receive the award. In cases where physical documentary evidence is required, please indicate that you have the material and outline its general content. If you are selected as an award recipient based on the information you provide electronically, you will be asked to submit the physical evidence before the award will be issued. 

– John Sherrah, Scholarship Selection Committee

– David Calder, President of The David Squires Foundation 

Apply Online

Thank you for your interest in the Squires Foundation!

Scholarships – Next application period is September 1st to October 31st 2023.

If you have any other questions please contact us:

By E-mail:

By Phone: +1 (250) 595-8282

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2022 Squires Foundation Winners

The 2022 winners will be announced soon, please check back at a later date.
Next application period is September 1st to October 31st 2023.

Past Scholarship Recipients

Rocky Au – University of Lethbridge

Mohiuddin Faiyaz – McMaster University

$500 winner –Kiara Melocoton – University of British Columbia

$500 winner – Reza Parnian – University of Guelph

$500 winner – Abdoalah Aboelneil – University of New Brunswick

$500 winner – Royce Lando – Brock University

$500 winner – Seeratpal Jaura – University of Winnipeg

$500 winner – Jacob Kelley – University of Toronto


$500 winner – Ranim Aljoudi – University of Windsor

$500 winner – Darian Chen – University of Alberta


$500 winner – Jamie Koerner – University of British

$500 winner – Oladele Ojewole – University of Winnipeg


$750 winner – Amy Channing – Wilfrid Laurier University

$750 winner – Eric Roberts – Vancouver Island University


$750 winner – Christina Chung – University of Toronto

$750 winner – Weige Zhao – University of Western Ontario


$750 winner – Susannah Kirby – UBC


$1000 winner – Alex Gagnon – Universitie’ de Sherbrooke

$1000 winner – Camera Lerner – University of Lethbridge


$1000 winner – Ilya Sharikov – Camosun College

$1000 winner – Jeremy Wheaton – Acadia University


$1000 winner – John Wu Qiongzhi – Simon Fraser University

$1000 winner – Erin Sheridan – George Brown College


$1000 winner – Peggy Lau – Simon Fraser University

$1000 winner – Brittany Barnett – Dalhousie University


$1000 winner – Mr. Rami Aboushawish – University of Windsor

$1000 winner – Ms. Elaina Bindig – Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology

$1000 winner – Ms. Elaine Reynolds – George Brown College

$1000 winner – Mr. John Doucette – Dalhousie University


$1000 winner – Ms. Keisha Archibald – St. Marys University

$1000 winner – Ms. Negin Salahi – Simon Fraser University

$1000 winner – Mr. Allen Wallace – Camosun College

$1000 winner – Ms. Christie Wilson – British Columbia Institute of Technology


$1000 winner – Mr. Ryan Strate – University of Alberta

$1000 winner – Mr. Mat Allen – University of New Brunswick

$1000 winner – Mr. Phil Abraham – University of Victoria


$1200 winner – Mr. Joel Andrews – Camosun College

$1200 winner – Mr. Geoffrey Spears – Camosun College


$1200 winner – Mr. Azim Lila – York University

$1200 winner – Mr. Michael Marganelli – British Columbia Institute of Technology


$1200 winner – Ms. Shelly Christine Andrews – British Columbia Institute of Technology

$1200 winner – Ms. Fazilah Remu – University of Victoria

$1200 winner – Mr. Ryan M. Graham – British Columbia Institute of Technology


$1000 winner – Mr. Yao-Nan Chu – Simon Fraser University

$1000 winner – Ms. Katherin Alexanterian – Simon Fraser University


$1000 winner – Ms. Karen Bertram – Northern Alberta Institute of Technolgy

$1000 winner – Mr. John M. Parker – Memorial University of Newfoundland


$500 winner – Ms. Sandy Pang – Simon Fraser University

$1000 winner – Ms. Adrienne Dick – Douglas College

$1000 winner – Mr. Craig Pastro – Simon Fraser University


Christopher Collins – Memorial University of Newfoundland

Eveline Widjaya – University of Regina, Saskatchewan


Rob Thorndyke – University of Victoria, British Columbia

Alan Barton – University of Victoria, British Columbia


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