Contractor or Employee
Join a company where you're not just a number.

Here at ITI, we use a combination of contractors and employees on our projects. We try to make it as easy as possible for you to define your business model, not the other way around!

We offer a variety of employment and contracting approaches to better meet your needs:

Standard Contract

Consultants must be incorporated or be represented by an incorporated company and have a GST/HST number

  • Write off your business expenses
  • Invoices paid monthly
  • No deductions from pay
  • Easy monthly invoicing with TimeMachine

Term Employee

  • No incorporation or GST/HST number needed
  • No headaches at Tax time!
  • Easy time tracking using TimeMachine
  • Standard deductions from pay apply

Full Employment with an ITI Client

Our Clients often enlist ITI to help fill a permanent role with the Client's organization.  If this interests you, we'd be happy to consider you for appropriate roles

  • ITI-powered wage negotiation gets you the wage you deserve
  • Once hired, no strings attached to ITI
  • ITI support services available
Not sure which model works for you? Contact us today to learn more!