Lobbyists Registry Application
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The Lobbyists Registry Application is a web-based system designed to allow consultant lobbyists and organizations to register their lobbying activities within a jurisdiction. Information about these lobbying activities is often made available to the public through LRA as part of the a government’s commitment to being open, accountable and transparent.


What Does The LRA Do?
  • Provide a simple means for Lobbyists to register activities
  • Facilitate the review, acceptance and rejection of lobbying registrations
  • Automatically notify users and administrators based on triggering events
  • Allow for public searching and viewing of active and terminated registrations
  • Generate comprehensive reports of lobbyist activities in a jurisdiction
  • Provide easy administration
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The LRA system is designed for FOUR Groups:

Consultant Lobbyists

Consultant lobbyists, who are paid on contract, lobby on behalf of clients. They include government relations consultants, lawyers, accountants and other professionals. These consultants will have to register for each separate contract they undertake.

Lobbyist Organizations

These are either not-for-profit organizations such as business, trade and professional associations, labour organizations, chambers of commerce and boards of trade, and charitable and interest groups, or lobbyists employed by businesses that carry on activities for financial gain.


LRA System administrators have secure access to the back-end of the system to process registrations and manage MLA Information.


The LRA system has the option of providing public users with access to information about lobbying activities.


Why Do I Need the LRA?

In the interest of transparency and accountability, many jurisdictions are legislating requirements for the monitoring and management of lobbying activities.  The administrative strain placed on the organizations who attempt to meet legislation with simple spreadsheets is easily mitigated by the LRA.

  • Align with Current and/or Future Legislation
  • Speed Up the Registration Process Through Self Registration and Workflows
  • Reduce Errors
  • Produce Comprehensive Reports
  • Provide Necessary Public Access